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A prospective parent asked on 'Mums in Bahrain' for comments on Little Wonders.

Below are some of the responses


 I will totally recommend Little Wonders! it is the best pre school on the Island! My son goes there for more than a year now and he is so happy there! He made so much progress in every way possible. He consider everyone there as family 😊


The staff is amazing, taking great care of each children! They have a clean environment and great facilities! You ll not fine better place!


It’s by far one of the best preschools in Bahrain I’ve done my homework well & visited every single one & took my 2 years daughter (18 months then) with me. She immediately connected with little wonders. The place is spotless clean I didn’t see this in any nursery and they care about each child as an individual so the child feels so comfortable there!


My daughter is in love with her teachers as well & I’ve seen a lot of development in her character. Let alone the beautiful facilities! I would recommend this place over and over to everyone. God bless your girls & all the children out there 


My daughter goes to Little Wonders and she loves it and has not gotten sick since she started. I believe it is the attention and care they dedicate to everything, including the cleanliness of the place.


The staff, ambience and facilities are all amazing. Highly recommend.


 I heavily researched and visited many schools before enrolling my daughter. Some schools were merely daycares, some made me feel as though my expectations were too high - continual structure, no TVs in the classroom, bi- lingual curriculum, qualified teachers; who knew this was such a big ask!? Then I found Little Wonders; Godsend. My child is thriving. She's challenged, stimulated, educated and safe. The Montessori curriculum is immersive and encourages learning by doing. They have a separate artroom, playroom and cooking lab outside of the classroom. The teachers and administrators are excellent communicators who keep me up- to- speed with my child's progress; albeit English, Arabic, socialization, potty training, etc. Be proud Momma, you just gave your family a gift- especially your little one.


Just like everyone else, I highly recommend Little Wonders. Teachers are really involved in the children’s development, they have both native Arabic and English speaking teachers working hand in hand and many activities are organised. I can see how much my son learned in both languages. 

The place itself is clean and well maintained with nice play areas (outdoor/indoor). The management keeps parents in touch on a regular basis through WhatsApp and are flexible.


We looked at a number of pre-school options for our son last year. 

My husband liked certain places whereas I liked others; there were pros and cons to each school.

However, all that changed when we visited Little Wonders. We were extremely pleased with the setup, teachers and school administration. Something just felt right about the place; we unanimously agreed on sending our son here and havent been disappointed since enrolling him. If we have any concerns, we can bring them up without hesitation as the teachers and principals aim to ensure that parents have the necessary peace of mind when it comes to their kids.

Every parent has the right to weigh options, do the necessary due diligence, assess pros and cons etc. You will need to go through a similar process. For me, I would recommend the school without hesitation.

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